Proposed Expansion Plans

Due to kind and generous donations received from various noble quarters, Dhamma Pushkar has been able to construct and fully complete the following facilities:

  1. A Dhamma Hall for 120 meditators
  2. 20 Male & 18 Female Individual meditator residences
  3. 1 Male & 1 Female Assistant Teacher residence
  4. 1 Male & 1 Female Common Toilet
  5. Office Block which is presently being used as a Dining Hall (maximum capacity is 65 meditators)
  6. Basic Tree Plantation has been done
  7. A 62-Cell Pagoda complex
  8. Mini Dhamma Hall is under construction

It is now extremely necessary to augment the above facilities with about 30 more Meditator Residences and most importantly to ultimately have a full fledged Dining Hall for 120 Meditators with Kitchen facility.

Phase I
30 Single Meditator Residences:(@ Rs 2.5 Lacs per Residence) Rs. 75 Lacs
Dining Hall for 120 Meditators with Kitchen facility Rs. 50 Lacs
Total Rs. 125 Lacs
Phase II
52 Single Meditator Residences:(@ Rs.2.5 Lacs per Residence) Rs. 130 Lacs
Final outer ring in Pagoda of 58 cells (@ about Rs.1 Lac Per Cell) Rs. 58 Lacs
Boundary wall of the entire centre (is really necessary in the relatively short long run) Rs. 22 Lacs
Total Rs. 210 Lacs

You may avail yourself of the opportunity to earn merits by participating in this meritorious project. Refer 'The Parami of Generosity (Donations)'.

Update on Present Work In Progress:

Construction work of Mini Dhamma Hall and four new male meditator residences is in progress.

(Please find a photograph of the 29 Cell Pagoda complex (62 Cell photograph which will be updated as soon as all pending exterior-finishing work is completed) on the Home Page / Photo Gallery) Also, find a photograph of the Dining Hall in the Photo Gallery.)